About Us.

Five years of carrier services experience has been the corner stone to move towards advanced solutions for the supply chain market. UNAfreight started by addressing the necessity of providing fair rates overall to shippers and carriers, as a reliable partner with transparency and integrity. We will be available whenever your project requires an experienced professional sorting out the necessities and requirements expected in high quality standards.

In order to achieve the ideals of a family owned business which targets excellence, we have been growing hand-to-hand with the best tool available nowadays, technology. Integrating our own custom-made solutions to simplify administrative processes, data management and high standards since day one, have made us evolve to a hassle free service for our customers.

As an online-based company, we rely on the latest technology for streamlined communications, and our different channels of communications ensure up to date information available at your best convenience. Do not hesitate to let us know how UNAfreight can help you today.

(877) 273-5100